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Empowering sales professionals to crush their quota without crushing their soul.
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3 Act Sales training taught me how to dramatically increase response rates to outreach and compress the time in my sales cycles!”

Fill your funnel and close more deals!

Are you struggling with meeting high expectations? Sales professionals need to consistently fill a quality funnel, book enough meetings, and compress their sales cycle!

3 Act Sales will help you:

1. Know your audience

Learning how to quickly investigate and connect to the right prospects.

1. Know your audience

Learning how to quickly investigate and connect to the right prospects.

2. Structure your outreach
From email cadences to cold calling, the 3 Act Sales structure will dramatically increase response rates and fill your funnel with quality leads.
3. Compress the sales cycle
We’ll teach you how to move opportunities faster through the sales cycle, leading to higher close rates.

Meet Our Founder

I help ambitious sales professionals hone and gain confidence in their craft, utilizing a unique approach that will quickly have a significant impact.

I’ve trained SDRs, AEs, BDMs, and Sales Managers. Some have years of experience and are seeking a coach as a sounding board for their current efforts, while others are just starting out in a sales role excited to learn all aspects of the craft.

All agree that I:

  • Respond quickly and provide a program custom-designed for their needs
  • Bring fun, energy, passion, and clear applicable knowledge to achieve growth
  • Provide unique tools that lead to dramatic growth in their career

With more than 20 years of experience coaching, mentoring, and training hundreds of sales professionals, I’m confident I’ve seen all aspects of your professional journey.

How does a coaching session work?

Step 1:
Schedule a free call

Simply fill out a brief form with some basics about your situation, and pick a time for your free consultation. I usually get back to you within a few hours to confirm our call.

During our chat we’ll determine the best course of action, no matter what your sales goals.

Step 2:
Customized coaching session

During our call we’ll delve into the particulars of your sales challenges, whether that’s researching your target prospect, putting together an email cadence that gets results, or closing those critical deals.

To keep things simple, I charge a straightforward hourly rate so you can sign up for as little or as much help as you need. This allows you to quickly learn new techniques, try them out in the field, and report back to build on your success.

Step 3:
Real results

You’ll approach your next email outreach or sales call with increased confidence and clarity of purpose, removing “expressions to nowhere” like “just checking in” and “let me know if there’s anything else I can do.”

Bob’s passion for sales makes him a tremendous coach. I learned to write more effective emails, to focus on quality over quantity, and to be a better detective (knowing my audience via LinkedIn, ZoomInfo, company website). I’m thankful to have learned from the best!

Nicole Wehner

Sales Manager

Bob has taught me almost everything I know about sales. He empowered me to succeed by providing feedback and direction when needed, while also trusting me to make my own informed decisions. I consider myself very lucky to have a mentor who has been personally invested in my success.

Matt Walters

Relationship Manager

I used to think that Gong’s CTA advice was gold. That was… until I met Bob Shanes. He took the time to show me a totally new way of looking at things, helped me rewrite my emails, and forever changed my approach.

James Barry

Head of Business Development

Bob’s passion for sales and his super effective techniques for writing emails and handling calls with clients did not only help me perform my job better, but also helped me tackle and win a lot of real world conversations.

Jenil Mahetalia

Mechanical Engineer

Working with Bob has been phenomenal, his fresh perspective supercharges my sales efforts & renews confidence. The experience Bob brings to the table makes all my sales efforts more efficient, effective, & successful.

Alex Sucala

Sales Development Rep